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We would like to thank our customers for providing continuous support and encouragement. Our Company specializes in the production and sale of burners and boilers needed at home and at factories. With technological know-how accumulated through many years of experience and ceaseless research efforts and with excellent researchers, we have developed and currently produce highly energy-efficient oil and gas burners. We at Olympia Industrial Co., Ltd., recognizing the importance of technology development, invest 5% of sales in R&D, producing environment-friendly and high-quality products. Also, we are the first Korean company to have obtained Russia's GOST ('97) and ISO 9001 ('98) certifications. As a result, we have proven ourselves that we have the required qualifications to be the industry leader.

Currently, our Company not only distributes optimal products produced with our own technology through our dealers throughout the nation but also exports our products to other Asian countries, the Middle East, Europe, and Russia, thereby reducing imports and contributing to the industrial development of the nation.

We will continue to endeavor to satisfy our customers by producing new products and by providing our customers with the highest quality products at optimal prices.
Thank you.