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Problem Main Causes How to Fix
The motor doesn’t start 1. The phototube has been intercepted due to the detection of danger signals.
2. The fuse is disconnected or the power source is defective.
3. Protect Relay and various limits are defective.
4. Motor is defective.
5. The gear pump is defective.

Intercept outside light and then reset.
Exchange or repair.

Exchange or repair. Exchange or repair.
Exchange or repair.

Even though the motor works, spark plug doesn’t ignite. 1. The ignition bar’s location is incorrect or the ignition bar has been damaged.
2. The transformer or lead line is defective.
3. The decrease in pump pressure or mixing of air.

4. Oil is not observed.
5. The coupling is defective.
6. The electrical panel is defective or congested.
7. There is Excess oxygen.
8. Nozzle is congested.
9. The fuel absorbing tube is damaged.
Adjust the location or exchange.
Exchange or repair.
Increase pump pressure and
Remove air.
Check valve.
Exchange and repair. Adjust the damper.
Exchange or repair.
Exchange or repair.
Combustion stops after ignition 1. The receptor of the phototube is polluted.
2. The phototube is defective.
3. The protect relay is broken.
Exchange or repair
Exchange or repair
When combustion is unstable and smoke is generated. 1. The sprayer’s oil pressure is problematic.
2. The nozzle is congested or defective.
3. There is shortage or overage of air.
Adjust sprayer’s pressure.
Exchange and cleanup.
Adjust the damper.
When the boiler operates manually, but not automatically. 1. The protect relay is broken.
2. The reset button of the protect relay protrudes.
3. The phototube receives light from outside.
Exchange and repair.
Remove causes and reset.
Remove causes and reset.
Black smoke is generated. 1. Shortage of air Open the damper.
White smoke is generated. 1. Overage of air Close the damper.