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Problem Main Causes How to Fix
The motor doesn’t start. 1. When the frame rod has been intercepted due to the detection of danger signals
2. The fuse is disconnected or the power source is defective.
3. The protect relay is broken.
4. The motor is defective.
Intercept light from outside and reset.
Exchange and repair.

Exchange and repair.
Exchange and repair.
Even though the motor starts but spark is not ignited. 1. The ignition bar’s location is incorrect or the ignition bar has been damaged.
2. The transformer or lead line is defective.
3. The gas pressure decreased.
4. Gas is not supplied
5. Gas pressure switch is defective.
6. Air pressure switch is defective.
7. Combustive air pressure is insufficient.
8. The air absorbing tube is damaged.
Adjust the location or exchange.
Exchange and repair.
Check pressure.
Check valve
Exchange and repair.
Exchange and repair.
Adjust the damper.
Exchange and repair.
When combustion stops after ignition. 1. The frame rod is defective.
2. When the frame rod’s wire has been disconnected.
3. The protect relay is defective.
4. The fuel cost is inconsistent.

5. After ignition, pressure is higher than preset.
Exchange and repair.
Make adjustments. Exchange and repair.
Adjust the amount of air and gas
Maintain pressure after ignition.
Combustion is unstable and a large amount of carbon monoxide is generated. 1. Gas pressure is too high or too low.
2. The nozzle is congested.
3. When there is shortage or overage of air.
Adjust pressure.
Exchange and cleanup.
Adjust the damper.
Flame color is reddish. 1. Shortage of air. Open the damper.
Flame color is pale horse. 1. Overage of air. Close the damper.